Dawkomierz DVS-02D jest przeznaczony do oszacowania dawki od promieniowania gamma i neutronowego. Measurement of personal dose equivalent Hp(10) of neutron radiation is performed using two measurement channels: the channel for albedo thermal neutrons (neutrons moderated in the body and that escape the body in the area where the dosimeter is worn) and the channel for fast neutrons, directed to the body from outside. In the albedo channel, the dosimeter registers alpha particles from lithium target due to 6Li(n,α)3H reaction (the target is placed on the surface of silicon detector). Fast neutrons are registered by recoil protons that appear in the polyethylene target due to elastic scattering of fast neutrons (the target is placed on the detector). Dose equivalent Hp(10) is calculated according to special algorithm taking into account measurement information from both “albedo” and “fast” channels. Thanks to the presence of two measurement channels, the dependence of sensitivity on neutron energy of the DVS-02D is far less when compared with other measurement methods, that makes it possible to use the dosimeter for personal exposure monitoring in the fields of Pu(Be), Po(Be) and other neutron sources as well as near nuclear reactors, without preliminary estimate of neutron spectrum.


  • complies with IEC 61526 Ed. 2 (2005-02) “Radiation protection instrumentation. Measurement of personal dose equivalents Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) for X, gamma and beta radiations. Direct reading personal dose equivalent and/or dose equivalent rate dosemeters”;

  • the dosimeter can be used for monitoring of exposure to neutron radiation without preliminary estimate of neutron spectrum in the working area;

  • calculation of total (gamma+neutron) dose and setting of thresholds for total dose;

  • the dosimeter can store in the built-in memory the dose history including up to 900 measurement results (time-dose) of mixed gamma-neutron radiation and up to 300 measurement results for neutron radiation;

  • indication of total dose or neutron dose on the display;

  • two-way communication with the reader via IrDA or infrared interface;

  • unauthorized person can not compromise measurement results by turning the dosimeter off, erasing memory or changing settings; this can be done using work station (computer) only;

  • continuous setting of audible and visual alarm thresholds for PDE and PDER within full measurement range;

  • self-test for electronics and for dosimeters;

  • illuminated display;

  • “intellectual charging” feature extends battery life time up to 7 years.



  • measurement of personal dose equivalent Hp(10) (PDE) of mixed gamma-neutron radiation;

  • measurement of personal dose equivalent Hp(10) (PDE) of neutron radiation;

  • measurement of personal dose equivalent rate Hp(10) (PDER) of mixed gamma-neutron radiation.