GEIGER-MULLER educational counter for schools, higher education and other institutions or people who wish to familiarize themself with radioactivity phenomena or perform educational activities in this field. The device is based on Geiger-Müller clear window counter to measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The set may be used independently, with oscilloscope or RUM-2 radiometer (to extend its functionality).


  • X > 30 keV
  • ɤ 30 keV ÷ 1,25 MeV
  • α > 4 MeV
  • β > 150 keV

SENSITIVITY FOR 137Cs IN RANGE [2 ÷ 30] µSv/h ~ 8,1 (imp/s)/(µSv/h)

BACKGROUND COUNT RATE < 0,25 µSv/h ~ 120 imp/min


Excellent for educational and industrial purposes as well as for checking miniscule amounts of radiation in natural materials and for continuously monitoring background radiation levels including radiation due to the presence of Radon and decay products.

    • detection and localization of X and gamma radiation sources
    • detection and localization of alpha, beta and gamma type contaminations
    • dosimetric measurements trainings for students, trainees (physical, chemical, medical physics labs as well as radiological defense rooms, dosimetry and nuclear medicine labs)
    • radiation detection in common items: minerals, soil, welding rods, ceramic tiles, clay bricks, fertilizers, cat litter, salt, granite, brazil nuts, dust on air filter, tobacco and many more


The device in autonomic mode with oscilloscope or computer application allows for:

• organoleptic familiarization with G-M detector

• getting acquaintant with its utilization model

• performing counting analysis

• getting introduced to oscilloscope traces on the counter, specifically on anode and on cathode; this allows to determine G-M counter voltage characteristic

• usage in a simple training application with high voltage power supply, without pulse counting (only to analyze oscilloscope traces versus voltage)

• direct usage of built-in power supply to observe acoustic-optic signaling activation upon radiation detection

• to observe avalanche (arc) punch-through in G-M clear window counter

With PC it allows for:

performing counting analisys based on generated sounds with every counted impulse by ABG radiation indicator, thanks to the dedicated application installed on PC (counter's sounds are received by microphone connected to PC where app is installed)

With GAMMA SPECTROMETER it allows for:

  • performing counting analysis (e.g. versus voltage); ability to determine G-M counter voltage characteristics;
  • performing radiation type measurements using:

- alpha-beta-gamma selection with covers:

• plexiglass (gamma);

• foil (beta+gamma);

• with no covers (alpha+beta+gamma);