ABG-10 radiation indicator signalizes alpha, beta, X or gamma radiation. The device operates based on a Geiger-Müller window counter. Due to proportional optic-acoustic signaling intensity in relation to increased gamma radiation field the device may also be used to search and localize radioactive elements.


  • X > 30 keV
  • ɤ 30 keV ÷ 1,25 MeV
  • α > 4 MeV
  • β > 150 keV

SENSITIVITY FOR 137Cs IN RANGE [2 ÷ 30] µSv/h ~ 8,1 (imp/s)/(µSv/h)

BACKGROUND COUNT RATE < 0,25 µSv/h ~ 120 imp/min


    • detection and localization of X and gamma radiation sources
    • detection and localization of alpha, beta and gamma type contaminations
    • dosimetric measurements trainings for students, trainees (physical, chemical, medical physics labs as well as radiological defense rooms, dosimetry and nuclear medicine labs)


      • optic-acoustic signaling of ionization radiation pulses
      • detector power supply voltage regulation
      • detection block based on Geiger-Müller counter with mica window sensitive to alpha, beta, X and gamma radiation
      • power supplied with 9V type battery (6LRG1)
      • clip hook for attaching indicator to user's belt simple operation, with one on/off switch