GAMMA AND NEUTRON RADIATION MONITORING based on radiometric module ZR-2MR is a system that allows for continuous and automatic measurement of high and medium gamma and neutron radiation fields. Real time dose changes may be observed using a computer. The system may also be equipped with acoustic-optic signaling devices activated when values exceed alarm threshold. Monitoring features may run autonomously or when connected to a PC.

Depending on user's demand system measures gamma and neutron or just gamma radiation. It is possible to equip the system with the additional radiation portal monitors and hand-held meters (contamination monitor, dosimeter, personal dosimeter).


  • measurement of gamma radiation dose rate and detecting presence of neutron radiation in difficult conditions of high dustiness
  • ionization radiation monitoring element inside laboratory workrooms and industry or public facilities
  • for installation in military, emergency or crisis service vehicles
  • continuous control of shields against ionization radiation
  • working with measurement device or on-board system thanks to the instrument's ability to adapt its communication protocol


  • H*(10) Sv/h gamma ambient dose equivalent rate measurement
  • absorbed dose rate in air D Gy/h measurement (Ka Gy/h kerma rate in air)
  • neutron radiation detection
  • measurement of ambient dose equivalent H*(10) Sv and absorbed dose in air D Gy (Ka Gy air kerma)
  • the instrument is equipped with diodes signaling its status or alarm threshold overflow
  • it is possible to connect several instruments to form a stationary ionization radiation monitoring system (external signalling devices, optic-acoustic alarms, additional probes)
  • computer software, that may be adapted to a given solution, allows for imaging measurement data and setting alarm thresholds and more
  • the instrument detector assembly is made of two silicon detectors based on Si-PIN photo diodes
  • the instrument continuously controls its working parameters
  • calibration factors, alarm thresholds and collected doses are retained in instrument's non-volatile memory
  • instrument is able to work autonomously thanks to its alarm output (relay output)
  • for low alarm threshold value the instrument analyses real variability of indications to substantially lower the probability of false alarms
  • the module works in 4 communication modes: I2C, USB RS-232, RS-485, RS-422


Monitoring assembly ZR-2MR has no display or any control elements. User interaction with the assembly is performed using the PC. The software allows for reading current instrument indications (dose values, dose rate and counts), alarm thresholds setting, reading recording memory, precise results imaging and scaling.

This application allows for simultaneous display of current state for all system operated probes.