DOZYMETRIS has over 10 years of experience in radiation protection . Backed by inspection expertise, we have the capability to deploy specialist personnel and technical methodology across the radiation and radioactivity spectrum to clients in any location around the world.

We deliver solutions for all companies and contractors dealing with radioactivity and radiation contamination, including the use of X-ray equipment or responsibility for the handling and disposal of scrap materials or other hazardous objects such as ionisation smoke detectors. Our level-three radiation specialists are ideally placed to deliver on-site advice, consultancy and support; to assess risk during radiation incidents; and to identify radioactive materials and their concentration through sample analysis in our radionuclide laboratory.

Company DOZYMETRIS specialises in:

  • working with artificial and natural radioactivity;

  • testing for leakage of radioactive sources;

  • inspecting radioactive sources and X-ray equipment;

  • carrying out radioactivity measurements of samples;

  • supplying dose and dose-rate measurement personnel;

  • delivering risk analyses/assessments of radiation applications;

  • preparation and supporting permit (approval) applications for radioactive sources and X-ray equipment at PAŃSTWOWA AGENCJA ATOMISTYKI (supervisory authority in Poland);

  • representation before PAŃSTWOWA AGENCJA ATOMISTYKI in order to acquire the appropriate approval;

  • advising and coordinating large projects with ionising radiation (for example, NDT or NORM);

  • removing and recycling ionisation smoke detectors;

  • inspecting and processing scrap materials contaminated with radioactivity.

Duties of a radiation safety officer

The radiation safety officer is responsible for advising the manager on matters relating to the implementation of the radiation management plan for the mine.

The radiation officer also investigates any defects or malfunctions discovered in plant, equipment or procedure that cause exposure to radiation in excess of dose constraints or limits, or dose rates or contamination levels in excess of authorised limits.

Major Duties:

1. To provide health and safety advice, support and services to leaders and managers throughout the sitein order to assist them in achieving compliance with their duties.

2. To carry out Health and Safety audits, make appropriate recommendations and notify the USER of any significant shortcomings.

3. To provide competent advice, training and guidance on matters relating to radiation protection – both ionising and non-ionising.

4. To assist key staff in their duties to comply with permit conditions or statutory requirements relating to the use of radioactive material by the site

5. To liaise with internally appointed health and safety specialists e.g. Area Safety Officers, Departmental Radiation Officers and external peers.

6. To co-ordinate, in consultation with the USER, safety in work with ionizing radiations including the arrangements for assessing doses.

7. To liaise directly with the environment agency and its representatives in radiological matters including the submission of annual l returns and the application of permits.

8. To develop health and safety arrangements and guidance in consultation with key stakeholders.

9. To actively engage in Continual Professional Development to ensure that current legislation is evaluated and applied appropriately within the site.

10. To take action to suspend work that poses an imminent risk of serious personal injury.

11. To represent the interests of the site at meetings with those whose activities may influence health and safety to the site

12. To assist in identifying health and safety training and where appropriate organise/develop training.

13. To maintain appropriate records as required by legislation or site policy.

14. To carry out any other appropriate duties as delegated by the USER.