We provide any help with applying for license, approval in Poland and further during conducting activity with ionizing radiation (X-ray commisionning, isotope device installation, usage of radioactive substances, usage of RTG and many others). We provide consulting services for all your relations with PAA (Państwowa Agencja Atomistyki) and also for your local or global projects according to standards of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).

Permit Procedures

  • Import Permits

  • Export Permits

  • Temporary Entry-Exit or Temporary Exit-Entry Permit

  • Transit Permits

Licence Procedures

  • Licensing for Dismantling and Transport of Radiactive Material

  • Licensing for Manufacturing, Maintanance and Repair Radioactive Sources

  • Licensing for Import, Export and Transportation of Radiation Sources

  • Licensing for Radiactive Material Production Facility

  • Licensing for Using Radioactive Material

    • Research and Education Applications

    • Industrial Applications

      • Licensing for Cabinet Radioscopy Devices

      • Licensing for Industrial Analysis Instruments

      • Licence for Process Control Devices

      • Licensing for Well-Log Devices

      • Licensing for Portable Nuclear Measurement Devices

      • Licensing for Industrial Radiography Devices

    • Security Applications

      • Licensing for Security Control and Leakage Control Devices Containing Radioactive Material

      • Licensing for Vehicle Scan Devices

    • Medical Applications

      • Licensing for Radiology Equipment Used in Medicine

      • Licensing for Radiology Devices Used in Dentistry

      • Licensing for Radioteraphy Units

      • Licensing for Nuclear Medicine Facilities

      • Licensing for Blood Irradiators

      • Licensing for Radioimmunoassay (RIA) Laboratories

    • Veterinary Applications

  • Post-License Operations

Project Approval Procedures

  • Radiotherapy Units

  • PET, PET / CT, SPECT / CT Units and I-131 Treatment Rooms in Nuclear Medicine applications

  • Radioisotope Production Facilities with Cyclotron

  • Radioisotope Generator Production / Radiopharmaceutical Preparation / Irradiation Plants

  • Accelerator Facilities

Certificate of Conformity

  • Organizations with International Inspection Company Status

  • Organizations that wish to import scrap metal materials and institutions that have the shore and port facilities where these materials are loaded and unloaded

Radioactive Source Transport Operations