DOZYMETRIS company is founded on comprehensive attitude towards radiation safety. Selection process of appropriate solution aiming at effective human life and health protection is begining from the detailed identifaction analisys of user's requirements and specific conditions in which the device will be working.

Experienced staff of radiation protection specialists, engineers and dosimetry specialists is the guarantee of expertise during the trainings, system implementation and service. We offer solutions of recognised manufacturers of dosimetry equipment. We specialize also in realisation of individual solutions according to special user's requirements. In case of interest regarding cooperation in the sales, distribution or production area of systems which are linked with radiation measurement we will be glad to answer your questions.

DOZYMETRIS is open for the issues related to known as the factors of mass destruction called CBRNe (chemical biological radiological nuclear explosive), which are pretending nowadays to become the biggest challenge for the safety.

If you are the user who is looking for specific solution or manufacturer of CBRNe equipment, then we are waiting for your questions or proposals - maybe we will find the common projects for realization.