We offer the dosimetry equipment for representatives of all branches which are looking for the optimal solutions dedicated for the measurement of ionization radiation  and searching the radioactive materials. In the offer we have all needed equipment: dose rate meters, personal dosimeters, radiation indicators, hand-held dosimeters, surface contamination monitors, multi-channel analyzers, gamma and neutron spectrometers, sealed source leak test equipment, radiation portal monitors, radiation educational sets, X-ray detection systems, isotope identifinders and many other appliances. 


Monitors are designed to detect and search gamma emitting radioactive sources in industry, medicine, disposal facilities, incineration plants, baggage and conveyor systems. The detector is easily operated requiring only an understanding of basic parameters and settings for proper operation. The core element of the system is a very sensitive scintillation detector CsI(Tl), NaI(Tl) or plastic. Depending on application there is an option to adjust the solution with a view to sensitivity and construction of the detector.



Monitoring  based on radiometric modules is a system that allows for continuous and automatic measurement of high and medium gamma and neutron radiation fields. Real time dose changes may be observed using a computer. The system may also be equipped with acoustic-optic signaling devices activated when values exceed alarm threshold. Monitoring features may run autonomously or when connected to a PC. Depending on user's demand  system measures gamma and neutron or just gamma radiation.


DOZYMETRIS implements dosimetry systems which are designed and manufactured according to individual user's requirements. Experienced staff of radiation protection specialist, engineers and dosimetry specialist is the guarantee of expertise during the trainings, system implementation and service. We organise comprehensive trainings during which we teach good professional practice of dosimetry measurements and radiation protection.


Geiger-Muller educational counters for schools, higher education and other institutions or people who wish to familiarize themselves with radioactivity phenomena or perform educational activities in this field. The device is based on Geiger-Müller clear window counter to measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation.