DOZYMETRIS implements dosimetry systems which are designed and manufactured according to individual user's requirements. Experienced staff of radiation protection specialist, engineers and dosimetry specialist is the guarantee of expertise during the trainings, system implementation and service.


We realise that in the maze of dosimetry solutions it is hard to find appropriate system for purchase managers. for specialist who is taking care about the time, quality and business partnership it is crucial to find satisfactory solution. Therefore we help to design or choose optimal dosimetry system.


We have experienced staff which can install basically any dosimetry system at site. We supervise the whole process of installation, begining from optimal localization and closing the project with launching.


We organise comprehensive trainings during which we teach good professional practice of dosimetry measurements and radiation protection. Trained users get a healthy dollop of knowledge in order to be able to interpret the measurement result. Thanks to that the user is more aware about radioactivity phenomena and radiation protection.