AREA DOSE RATE MONITOR ST-GM (GEIGER-MULLER) is designed for optic and acoustic signalising of dose rate and dose threshold exceeding (X and gamma radiation). Signalling device is working in autonomous 24/h mode thanks to 230 VAC supply. It has compact construction and holes dedicated for wall montage or other plain surface. The meter is based at the Geiger-Muller counters. Optionally it is possible to connect external probe to measure surface contamination of any item or user (alpha, beta and gamma).


System is designated for different tasks, which are linked with gamma radiation continuous control and detection of radioactive materials in industrial plants, medical centres, hospitals, critical infrastructure, airports, military buildings and other buildings. It enables fast detection of X stray radiation (RTG, CT, RTG lamps in industrial devices) and gamma sealed or open sources. Optionally it is possible to connect external probe for measuring alpha, beta and gamma surface contamination. Thus the system can work as the radiation monitoring and contamination gate.

Relay alarm which is the part of the monitor, enables the management of the external device in case of exceeding the default alarm threshold (door closing, turning on the optic - acoustic external signalling device or ventilation system). 

The device has specific feature of alarm threshold setting for different physical parameters: dose, dose rate and contamination level. It is possible to set one alarm threshold from earlier predefined values for each parameter. 


The device is equipped in function which calculate average value of dose rate for 100 seconds. The function is useful during the measurements of low level radiation. There can be present quite large statistical deviations of single indications. 


When the device is ON, the detector continuously monitors environment for radiation and alerts the user with an audio or visual alarm if a radiation source is detected. The system is supplied with 230 VAC. The detector is equipped with safety alarm threshold to alert the user when immediately dangerous for life radiation level is reached. When this threshold is exceeded, the instrument will produce easily distinguishable periodic audio and/or visual alarm with one second interval.

It is possible to choose the appropriate signalling external device (for example an industrial tower lamp) depends on application.