AREA MONITOR GAMMA ST-PM (THRESHOLD MONITORING - SCINTILLATOR) is designed for optic and acoustic signalling of specific threshold exceeding (count rate or dose rate). It can also help to find and localize the radioactive material in the specific volume. The detector is easily operated requiring only an understanding of basic parameters and settings for proper operation. It is based at the scintillation signalling device with very sensitive CsI(Tl) detector.


System is designated for different tasks, which are connected with gamma radiation continuous control and detection of radioactive materials in industrial plants, medical centres, hospitals, critical infrastructure, airports, military buildings and other buildings. Alarm levels in the search mode are derived from the ambient background. When the instrument runs through the background calibration, it acquires a background reading and calculates the alarm levels automatically based on the value of n-coefficient set by the user.

Thanks to the hermetic enclosure, resistance for mechanical strokes and high sensitivity it is extremely useful as a controlling equipment for every kind of movement. It enables then to detect and localize even small activity radioactive material which could be proliferating. This area monitor can be also helpful as an emergency signalling device during shows, exhibitions and other events.


When the device is ON, the detector continuously monitors environment for radiation and alerts the user with an audio or visual alarm if a radiation source is detected. The system is supplied with 230 VAC. The detector is equipped with safety alarm threshold to alert the user when immediately dangerous for life radiation level is reached. When this threshold is exceeded, the instrument will produce easily distinguishable periodic audio and/or visual alarm with one second interval.

It is possible to choose the appropriate signalling external device (for example an industrial tower lamp) depends on application.