RADIATION PORTAL MONITOR GAMMA PM-CONVEYOR is designed to detect and search gamma emitting radioactive sources in controlled objects (baggage trolley, conveyor, cars). Thanks to that fact it is used in industry, disposal facilities and incineration plants. The detector is easily operated requiring only an understanding of basic parameters and settings for proper operation. The core element of the system is a very sensitive scintillation detector CsI(Tl) or plastic (scintillator).

Monitors located at the entrance used to scan vehicles representing the first line of defense. These systems are highly effective and catch loose sources before they enter. Despite the effectiveness of the systems, they can be stretched to the limits of their ability in case of detection of sources deeply hidden and highly shielded in the middle of a large load.

On the other hand the conveyor radiation monitor has an advantage over entrance systems in that it allows the radiation detector to be exposed a few centimeters from each piece of load.

Scintillation signalization [CsI(Tl)] which is the core element of the system has the ITRAP certificate, which confirms the compliance of technical parameters with the requirements of IAEA in Vienna (INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY).


Scintillation signalisator is the core element of the system. The type of scintillator is choosen according to the application:
- CsI(Tl),- NaI(Tl),- plastic.
Moreover, the device consists of:
- detector controller,- detector power supply block,- data block,- relay output/input.
It is possible to steer or stop the choosen device using the alarm signal (i.e.: conveyor, door, acoustic-optic signalisator).
In case of normal work mode return one should send the cancelling alarm signal from PLC controller.
RADIATION PORTAL MONITOR GAMMA PM-CONVEYOR belongs to new generation of extremely sensitive and power safe gamma radiation detectors. When the device is ON, the detector continuously monitors environment for radiation and alerts the user with an audio or visual alarm if a radiation source is detected.
The detector is equipped with Safety Alarm threshold to alert user when immediately dangerous for life radiation level is reached. When this threshold is exceeded, the instrument will produce easily distinguishable periodic audio and/or visual alarm with one second interval.
Alarm levels in the Search Mode are derived from the ambient background. When the instrument runs through background calibration, it acquires a background reading and calculates the alarm levels automatically based on the value of n coefficient set by the user. In case of radioactive material detection it is suggested to use additional hand-held indicator to localize the radioactive source or contaminated material (RADIATION INDICATOR).



  • gamma detectors made of organic plastic scintillator allows for detection of gamma and radiation low levels (LLR)
  • automatic control during the crossing or passage the conrolled area without any difficulties
  • audible and light alarms
  • optional lead shielding on the rear and sides of the gamma detectors in order to reduce the background radiation and increase the ability to detect radioactive materials passing through the portal
  • 24 /7 continuous work
  • ready to work within 1 minute (from activation)


Typical value sensitivity for 137Cs (100 s-1) / (mSv/h)

Typical value sensitivity for 241Am (70 s-1) / (mSv/h)

Radioactive source detection:

- 400 kBq 137Cs from a distance of 1 m

- 500 kBq 133Ba from a distance of 1 m

Energy range [0.06 ÷ 3] MeV

Measurement time 0.25 s

Power requirements 230 V

Temperature range -30 oC ÷ +40 oC

Alarm types acoustic, visual